Generational Housing Consultants

We go above and beyond for our clients.

Our lives are all different and constantly changing with one thing in common – we need a home.

Some will graduate college, some will remain single with a good job, some have a family, most hope to retire, and some own a big home that has become too big now. Fortunately, it is never too early or too late to purchase a home, but the type of home best for you at certain stages of life does change. Also there may be additional services needed as you age to make the transition a happy one. The Generational Housing Consultants have taken their services several steps further than just simply assisting with the sale or purchase of a home. We realize we must offer a variety of services and education that will meet the needs of all generations during different times in their lives. At Generational Housing Consultants, we go above and beyond just selling a home.  We want you to be happy and satisfied with how your future looks.

Transitional Coordinator - We manage the entire transitional process: declutter, packing, move management, estate sale, and home sales.

Transitional Coordinator

We manage the entire transitional process: declutter, packing, move management, estate sale, and home sales.

Age Differences

Age Differences

The Greatest Generation/Seniors, Boomers, Generation Z & X, and Millennials … Though we are all so different, most have a very similar plan for home ownership.

Educational Series - Variety from Downsizing, Staying in Home, Elder Law – VA Benefits.

Educational Series

We offer a variety of educational topics, including downsizing, aging in place, elder law, and VA benefits. Check here for a schedule of educational events.

Retirement Communities - Tours provided. How to pay for. Untangle too many details.

Retirement Communities

We coordinate tours of retirement communities, consult on financial considerations, and help you untangle and understand the myriad of details involved in the process.

Retirement Planning - We provide the available solutions/resources and you plan.

Retirement Planning

We provide a wide range of solutions and resources to help you plan effectively and ensure you are ready when the time comes.

Contact Cindy Monk by (205) 229-2427 or for event dates or to set up consultation appointment.

Let us carry the load.

Someone asked me why I selected Cindy as my Mother’s realtor and I explained that she was able to help my mother make the decision to sell her home and move near me when no one else could do that. She gave Mom options, information and resources allowing Mom to create her best plan for herself.

Elizabeth McDaniel

Cindy is extremely easy to work with and is very dedicated to helping mature adults with downsizing and selling their homes. She has also helped a high school friend’s mother, and is in the process of selling my Mom’s home. She has taken the stress of the whole process away. We highly recommend her to help anyone who needs to move to sell a home that are very attached to.

Dr. Pamela Pruett